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What Exactly is Detoxification?

The body is constantly under assault by toxins from both external and internal sources. Many of the chemicals are free radical compounds. These compounds either enter the body from the outside environment or are the by-product of normal cellular processes such as the making cellular energy.

Free radicals are chemically unstable, and they stabilize themselves by taking parts of other molecules. This makes them harmful to many compounds and all types of cells and tissues, including immune cells. They can cause real harm if their levels become too high in the body.

The liver has the primary responsibility for general detoxication in the body through a 2-step process; Phase 1 detoxification and Phase 2 conjugation. In Phase 1, the liver makes many compounds more soluble in water and oxidizes them in preparation for the Phase 2 step. This step actually temporarily makes the compounds more harmful until the Phase 2 occurs. The Phase 2 process neutralizes the oxidized compounds by utilizing glutathione and other compounds.

Many toxic compounds that are by-products of the Phase 1 process can also be neutralized by nutrients such as selenium, taurine, arginine, and compounds from certain botanicals such as milk thistle, olive leaf and turmeric. These nutrients help make liver detoxification more effective, and are also critical in detoxifying compounds that occur within and near cells, including immune cells.