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Key Nutrients That Protect Immune Cells

A primary way that cells are routinely damaged is from the constant attack
of naturally produced compounds that are made within the body. We term
these compounds as ‘free radicals’, which are created from a number of
processes in the body as well as poor diets, environmental toxins and
pollution, stress and more.

Free radicals stabilize themselves by taking parts of other molecules, literally ‘stealing’ other molecules’ electrons. This makes free radicals harmful to all types of cells and tissues, including immune cells. The damage affects the outer phospholipid surface of cells, the mitochondria, important biochemical processes and even DNA.
Fortunately, immune and other cells can be protected by specific antioxidantnutrients which neutralize these over-produced, toxic free radicals. Some of the most ideal antioxidant protectors include glutathione, selenium, arginine and taurine, although others may be helpful as well.

Glutathione is the body’s most important antioxidant because it helps to
boost the efficacy of other antioxidants. In addition, it is the Key Nutrients That Protect Immune Cells also helps to prevent immune cell damage by free radicals. Selenium is a critical nutrient needed to protect antioxidant enzymes which are very effective at neutralizing certain toxins and protecting the immune system.Taurine, arginine, turmeric and olive leaf are potent free radical scavenge that lower toxic peroxidation, increases antioxidants and helps support healthy glutathione levels and immune cells. Milk Thistle (silymarin) is a potent general detoxifier that protects hepatic cells from oxidative damage. Additionally, it also helps protect immune cells and immunity.