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Do I Get Enough Antioxidants in my Food?

Antioxidants are found in foods of course because they are critical to the defense of plants and animals from the damage created by free radical toxins. These toxins are by-products of normal cellular processes such as the creation of cellular energy, and antioxidants are the body’s only way to neutralize them.
Although the body makes some antioxidants, it relies on food sources to ensure they are plentiful. Foods such as certain fruits, vegetables, berries, green tea, coffee, and dark chocolate are particularly good sources of antioxidants and helps tokeep immune system strong. Even meat and fish products contain some antioxidants boost immune system and are necessary to maintain abundant health.

How to Boost Immune System in California

Unfortunately, many antioxidants are destroyed during the process of food preparation, so it’s important to maintain a diet that’s rich in raw, plant-based whole foods, especially fruits, berries, vegetables and whole grains.
Because our lives are so active and we are very far removed from the growing and production of our food, few of us can maintain a diet that provides plentiful amounts of antioxidants. We often resort to eating convenience foods and other highly processed foods that are low in antioxidants and sacrifice both the short-term protection of our cells and the long-term protection of our health. This lifestyle can lead to serious illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, immune disorders and cancer.
A way of offsetting the damaging effects of a diet low in antioxidants is to add them to your daily intake by consuming antioxidant supplements. Supplemental antioxidants such as Glutathione, Selenium, Arginine and Taurine help the body combat the damage caused by free radical toxins to our cells, including cardiovascular, pulmonary, liver and immune cells, as well as many others.
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