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5 Facts You May Know About The Immune System

Our immune system is much more complicated than we often realize. And works in ways that seem counterintuitive.

1. For example, many of the symptoms that we believe are caused by cold and flu viruses are actually caused by the immune system itself.

2. Various cells in the immune cell release toxic compounds that are
designed to destroy viral cells, but they also cause significant damage to our own cells. The process is relatively indiscriminatory and is essentially an attack on all nearby cells. To combat this self-inflicted damage, we are
dependent on the body’s ability to produce other compounds that neutralize the effect, namely antioxidants.​

3.Certain immune cells release histamine in the body and it causes symptoms such as inflammation, sneezing and coughing. Although these symptoms are inconvenient, they are important defense mechanisms. Coughing and sneezing help to expell mucous and other virus-laden fluids from the body and an attempt to lower the viral load in contact tissues of the body. Inflammation helps provide a protective viscous barrier between viruses and muscous membranes.

4. Another interesting fact is that when the immune system, and the
compounds it releases, destroys virus cells it creates debris from the cell
parts. This debris contains proteins from the surfaces of cells and triggers the immune system even further.

5.Immune cells also release certain antioxidants to help protect the body from the toxins released during the normal immune response. Although this is helpful, the body needs other essential nutrients to supplement this process.

Some of these nutrients include; Vitamin C, glutathione, selenium, Vitamin E, arginine and taurine. It is vital to receive plentiful amounts of these nutrients either from food or through dietary supplements.