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How Do Free Radical Toxins Harm Immune Cells?

Key Nutrients That
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Helps Protect Immune Cells From Everyday Toxins*

Immune System Supplements in New York

- Helps Neutralize Free Radical Toxins*

- Helps Keep the Immune System Healthy and Poised for Action*

- Helps Detoxify the Body with 3 Detoxifying Botanicals*

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Key Ingredients Needed to Protect Immune Cells


Helps Protect Outer Cell
Surfaces & DNA*


Helps Protect Outer
Cells Surfaces, Inner
Structure & DNA*

Milk Thistle,Turmeric,
Olive Leaf

Botanicals Helps Detoxity the Body*

Arginine, Taurine

Help Protect Important Cellular

Limited Time Offer!
Free Bottle with Every Purchase!

90 Sustained-Released Capsules (30 Day Supply)

Natural Defenders of Immune Cells

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Immune Health Blog

December 21, 2020

1. Many cold & flu symptoms are caused by the immune system.
2. It releases chemicals that are toxic to the body.
3. Inflammation provides a barrier for damaged tissues.

January 18, 2021

A primary way that cells are routinely damaged is from the constant attack of naturally produced compounds that are made within the body called free radicals.

February 26, 2021

Free radicals stabilize themselves by taking parts of other molecules, literally ‘stealing’ other molecules’ electrons. This makes free radicals harmful to all types of cells and tissues, including immune cells.

What Role Does Selenium Play in Protecting Immune Cells?

What Exactly is Detoxification?

Do I Get Enough
Antioxidants in my Food?

Dr. Wood Explains

How to Protect Immune Cells

Watch Video
to Learn More About

Dr. Wood’s
Recommendations for
Protecting Immune Cells

Dr. Eric Wood

Naturopathic Physician, Author, Professor

Immune system Supplements

It's more important than ever to protect our immune cells. And they're constantly under attack by toxins.

Toxins damage outer surfaces

Toxins damage inner structures

DNA is damaged

Cellular processes are interrupted

Glutathione, Selenium  
Help Protect Outer Surfaces

Glutathione, Arginine  
Help Protect Inner Surfaces

Glutathione, Selenium, Turmeric  
Help Protect DNA

Taurine, Arginine 
Help Protect Cellular Processes

Milk Thistle, Turmeric, Olive Leaf  
Botanicals Help Body Detoxification

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Although free radical toxins are present in our environment, they are primarily by-products of normal processes within the body. Free radicals cause direct damage to other compounds and harm cells, including immune cells.**
    Free radicals affect many parts of immune cells. Some alter fat compounds on cell membranes, while others harm compounds inside the cell that control basic functions. Even DNA is damaged, which affects cell health and reproduction.**
    Selenium is essential precursor of one of the most important antioxidants, glutathione peridoxase (GPx). The primary function of GPx is to protect the health and longevity of immune cells by neutralizing free radicals.**
    Three of the most effective botanicals are: Milk thistle, which increases antioxidants in the liver and neutralizes free radicals, and Turmeric and Olive Leaf which contain powerful antioxidants that act throughout the body.**
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